Northern Light Learning

Talent Development

  • "Our new employees are asking for more support during their onboarding".

  • "Our employees expect progression in role, as well as mobility across roles. We need solid role specific career development paths and resources".

  • "We need more than just eLearning and classroom training. We need a holistic approach to learning with a variety of learning experiences across a variety of platforms".

Keeping up with the pace of changing economies, consumer needs, and technology is hard enough. Ensuring your workforce has the right skills to match those changes is a continuous challenge that needs a thoughtful multiyear approach.

Software Training

  • "We are implementing a multiyear long ERP system business.  As a result, there will be changes to processes, roles, and responsibilities".

  • "We need our employees to be trained and feel comfortable with the new system".

  • "We cannot miss a beat once the system goes live".

  • "Our in-house L & D team does not have the bandwidth to support the ERP system training needs".

Implementing a new ERP system is a big undertaking. Changes to technology, processes and people requires a strong team of project managers, business analysts, subject matter experts, developers and committed sponsors. Often times the implementation itself will take center stage with training being an after thought in the late phases of the project. 

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